Hatcheries : Technique
- Method - Transport
Incubators and hatchers are insured by a humidity sensor and temperature sensor. To prevent any trouble, an alarm working 24 hours by 24 hours will warn a technician from Gib Ocean on his mobile phone. All machines are numbered for traccability
The candling machine is automatic and provides us the fertility in eggs every week for each farm. Also, this operation allow us to make an estimation on the next hatch.
The counting and packaging machine for day-old chicks is an excellent tool. We process those operations quicker than before and guarantee our customer the right quantity ordered.
A systematic regular control is implemented by the D.S.V (Vet Service Dept) ensuring that routine swab testing of hatchery material is constantly monitored for the presence of harmful pathogens to aid the avoidance of same. Also every week we send to the laboratory a sample of chicks for each batch to be analysed
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